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Root Canal

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Understanding the Anatomy of Your Tooth

At the heart of each tooth lies a hollow space, housing the pulp - the life-giving part of your tooth. The pulp comprises nerves and blood vessels, with the blood vessels delivering vital nutrients and oxygen, while the nerves transmit sensations.

Causes of Tooth Damage

Teeth can get damaged due to various factors such as injuries leading to cracks or tooth decay. These cracks can expose the pulp to further damage. In the case of tooth decay, harmful bacteria can penetrate the tooth's outer layer, resulting in an open cavity.

If tooth decay isn't promptly and adequately treated, it can reach the pulp, causing irreversible inflammation which can be incredibly painful, potentially leading to severe infection and abscess formation. Abscesses if left untreated, can affect surrounding tissues.

When is a Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

When a tooth has sustained extensive damage that conservative measures can't repair, a root canal treatment may be the only viable option.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is often considered a 'last resort' procedure, utilised to save teeth that cannot be remedied with other treatments. During the procedure, your dentist will:

  • Use specialised tools to remove the damaged pulp
  • Disinfect the tooth
  • Clean, shape and fill the canal
  • Seal the treated area

Does a Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Contrary to common misconceptions, a root canal treatment is not painful. It feels similar to many other routine dental procedures, such as having a filling placed.

If you have a tooth that's beyond repair with fillings, root canal treatments are highly effective!

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